Learning Support Department – Enhanced Resource Base

Our enhanced resource provision is located with the learning support area of the school. We have a suite of classrooms and a sensory room at our disposal, all of which are fully accessible. Teaching is in small groups, led by an SEN or subject specialist teacher, with access to shared teaching assistant support. Each student is encouraged and nurtured so that they can follow the path towards achieving his or her fullest potential and independence.

Parental involvement is encouraged and ensured with strong home-school links. We encourage student input into and involvement into meetings and the annual review process.

We are supported in our work by Local Authority specialist advice teams and external agencies.


All students with enhanced resource Education Health and Care Plans have the opportunity for full inclusion within the school. This could take a variety of routes.

All students attend mainstream tutor groups for registration, giving opportunities for social interaction with other students from years 7-11, attending with support if necessary.

Some students are taught entirely in Learning Support classes, others may dip into parts of the curriculum in mainstream and some attend all classes in mainstream with some timetable adjustments.

We take pride in our ability to be flexible, enabling students to achieve in the most suitable provision. Support is given where needed.

All students are included in whole school events, assemblies, curriculum and enrichment trips.

All students have access to all areas of the school during break and lunch times, with support provided for those students who may be more vulnerable.

Our curriculum

In years 7-9, we provide a full curriculum, using strategies appropriate for the students with a high degree of personalisation.

Subject provision within the department includes: maths, English, science, computing, philosophy and ethics, PE, technology, geography, history, Learning for Life, music, art and drama.

In years 10 and 11 we provide the opportunity for students to follow external accreditation courses in maths, English, science and ICT. Some students follow a range of GCSE courses and options and where students cannot access these, we provide a set of option subjects within Learning Support. This year these are The John Muir award, BTEC Level 1 Home Cooking Skills, ASDAN Life Skills Challenge and Bronze Arts Award.


There is an expectation that all students will complete some homework on a regular basis. This may be of a practical nature or reading for example. We encourage parental involvement and ask that you support but do not complete the work for your child. Students who attend some mainstream classes are expected to complete the homework set for that class and all students are expected to complete the volunteering and citizenship homeworks in years 7 and 8.


The opportunity for enrichment takes many forms including: visits and trips out of school, PE, getting around and developing the capacity for independent travel, community work , extra-curricular activities e.g. India Day or team-building, charity work, after-school based clubs, lunch-time clubs, practical lessons and use of the sensory room. We offer the opportunity for all students to take part in residential trips where they can experience life skills away from home.

Enrichment is a key factor in all that we do.

The Learning Centre

The aim of The Learning Centre is to support progress, provide short or long-term interventions, improve attendance and reduce exclusions by providing a structured and supportive working environment for students with the aim of enabling them to develop the skills, attitude or capacity for effective learning.

Staff meet regularly to discuss student progress and consider additional interventions that may be required.

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