Exam Results


Whole school Mainstream students studying a GCSE curriculum  England average
Progress 8 -0.02 0.08 0
Attainment 8  47.8 50.6 44.3
Basics: grade 5 in English and maths 48 51.7 39.9
English Baccalaureate points score. 4.06 4.29 3.83
Staying in education or entering employment – 2016 (latest available DfE information) 96% 94%

*Chapel-en-le-Frith High School is highly unusual in England in consisting of a former special school merged with a mainstream secondary school. Our 36 place enhanced resource provision teaches an independent, non-GCSE curriculum to its students who typically have moderate to severe special educational needs. In the 2018 year 11 cohort, ten students had studied a non-GCSE curriculum in the enhanced resource.

This merged arrangement makes the school’s data difficult to compare meaningfully with other schools. Government data on the school, including the performance tables, combine the results of the enhanced resource students with those of the mainstream population. The “Mainstream students studying a GCSE curriculum” column in the table above presents the data without the enhanced resource cohort and provides a more accurate comparison with other schools locally and nationally.

Further information:

The government’s School Performance Tables can be found here: School Performance Tables

Ofsted Outstanding School
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