Staff Contacts Mr S Grieves Headteacher Mrs R Rongong Deputy Headteacher Mr T Cunningham Assistant Headteacher Mrs S Davies Assistant Headteacher Mrs S Dunn Assistant Headteacher Mrs J Emsley Business Manager Mrs P Griffiths Assistant Headteacher
Art Mrs V Anderson Head of Art
Art Mrs S Hall  
Drama Mrs S Bramwell Head of Drama
Drama Mrs J Walker  
English Mrs S Wilson Head of English
English Ms A Jones Deputy Head of English
English Mr M Brook  
English Ms C Clarke Literacy Coordinator
English Mrs G Dobson  
English Ms J Metcalfe  
English Mrs A Stanley Head of Media Studies
English Mrs N Whyte  
English Miss P Woolley  
English Miss E Yates Learning for life Coordinator
Geography Mr D Sellers Head of Geography
Geography Miss J Rogers Progress Lead - CiC
Geography Mr I Smith  
History Mr R Bushaway Head of History
History Mrs K Mellor Progress Lead - CiC
History Mrs S Wightman Learning for Life Coordinator
ICT Mrs C Wood Head of Computer science
ICT Mr S Bilney  
Learning Support Mrs J Robinson SENCo
Learning Support Miss C Tyler Head of Learning SupportĀ 
Learning Support Mrs K Durber  
Learning Support Mrs A Foulkes  
Learning Support Mrs E Lonsdale  
Learning Support Mrs L Rowland  
Learning Support Mrs E Wragg  
Maths Miss S Colloby Head of Maths
Maths Mr P Hall Deputy Head of Maths
Maths Mr A Al Abdi  
Maths Miss C Hobson  
Maths Mr D Latham  
Maths Mr H Marsh  
Maths Miss F Scarisbrick Professional mentor
Maths Miss S Shimwell  
Maths Mrs Z Vickers  
MFL Ms E Lewis Head of MFL
MFL Mrs T Crick  
MFL Ms J De Brito  
MFL Miss L Wallhouse Progress Lead
MFL Ms N Wright  
Music Mr S Leang Head of Music (maternity cover)
Music Mrs S Ledbury  
PE Mr P Henshall Head of PE
PE Miss M Heath D of E Coordinator/SSCO
PE Mr H Marsh  
PE Miss E Milne  
PE Mr D Turner  
Pastoral Mrs S Webb Bowden house
Pastoral Mrs E Scorer Combs house
Pastoral Mr D Wightman Hollins house
Pastoral Mrs C Louis Kinder house
Pastoral Mrs A Parry Family Outreach manager
PaE Ms A Layman Head of Philosophy & ethics
Science Mrs C Robertson Head of Science 
Science Miss R Brooke Deputy Head of Science
Science Miss C Anderson  
Science Mrs K Corbridge Progress Lead
Science Mr B Edwards  
Science Mr M Jones  
Science Miss C King  
Science Mr R Lawson  
Science Mr D Poole  
Technology Miss A Whitham Head of Design Technology
Technology Mr N Grayson  
Technology Mr R Jackson Progress Lead
Technology Mrs T Mayo Head of Food Studies
Technology Mrs H Wicks  

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