School Structures

If you need to contact school you may find the following information saves you time and helps you to speak to the right person. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help. Email addresses and a full staff list can be found on our contacts page.

Subject teacher

As is clear from the title, this person teaches your child for one particular subject. They are the best person to contact to discuss your child's progress in that subject and issues such as homework in that subject. The names of subject teachers can be found on your child’s timetable.

Curriculum Learning Manager

This person acts as a Head of Department and takes responsibility for managing the work of subject teachers within the department. You should contact him/her if you wish to discuss issues relating to one particular subject and the subject teacher has been unable to help.

Form tutor

This person has the overview of your child's academic progress and general welfare. The tutor is the first point of contact for most issues. He/she will see your child every day. The tutor will monitor that your child is properly equipped and ready to learn. He/she will play a key role in monitoring your child's progress and helping your child to set targets for improvement. The tutor is the best person to sort out minor issues for your child and is able to liaise with other staff on your behalf.

Pastoral Leader

There are four Pastoral Leaders working within the school. Each Pastoral Leader is responsible for one of our four Houses; Bowden, Combs, Hollins and Kinder. Pastoral Leaders deal with issues relating to attendance and punctuality, uniform, behaviour and general pupil welfare. You should contact school and ask to speak to a Pastoral Leader if you have concerns about your child's wellbeing. Pastoral Leaders will liaise with tutors and teaching staff in order to support your child effectively.

Management Structure

Curriculum areas are organised into clusters and are line-managed by senior leaders in the school. The office will be able to advise you on who to contact for your particular query.

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