The History department at Chapel-en-le-Frith High School aims to provide a stimulating and varied curriculum to all learners. The simple philosophy is that if the students are enjoying themselves they are more likely to learn. This philosophy underpins all lessons.

As History is a study of how humans have thought, felt and acted in the past, it provides opportunities to examine human behaviour and the factors and motives that influence it. Moreover, it is possible to identify consequent implications of such actions, and so students are encouraged to see their own thoughts and actions in a wider context than themselves and their immediate environment.  Therefore they are encouraged to take more responsibility for their actions and understand their role as modern British and global citizens.


  • To enable students to acquire an interest in the past and for that interest to be stimulated
  • To help students understand and interpret the past
  • To help students understand and evaluate the evidence of the past
  • To enable students to develop intellectually
  • To help students develop a sense of identity and national identity through a study of the development of Britain, Europe and the world
  • To contribute to the knowledge and understanding of other countries and cultures
  • To enable students to understand the world in which we live, in the light of the past
  • To prepare students with understanding, skills and personal social abilities suitable for adult life
  • To enrich other areas of the curriculum

Years 7-9

We follow the National Curriculum in Years 7-9

Year 7

  • What is History?
  • Who are the British?
  • Neolithic revolution
  • Medieval realms
  • Local history

Year 8

  • The Tudors and changes in religion
  • The Civil War
  • Industrial revolution
  • Slavery
  • The Crimean War

Year 9

  • Jack the Ripper
  • First World War
  • Holocaust
  • Black fight for equality
  • Aspects of the twentieth century

GCSE History

History is offered as one of our option subjects at GCSE and is open to all. It is a subject where students need to have good literacy skills to be able to access the higher grades at GCSE.

Qualification GCSE
Board AQA
Syllabus number 8145
Website link http://www.aqa.org.uk
Assessment details: 2 exams – 50% each
Recommended revision guides CGP gives an overview
Recommended websites www.bbc.co.uk/GCSEbitesize www.schoolshistory.org.uk

Educational Visits

We are active participants in the school’s extra-curricular and visits programme, providing regular opportunities for students to develop their understanding of historical events and see the impact of our past behaviour on our current lives.

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