The art team work closely to provide a wide range of creative experiences which encourage individual development and enjoyment of art and design in its many diverse forms. We look to share our passion for the subject, subsequently engaging, enthusing and building the confidence of every student.

Years 7-9

In years 7 to 9, students receive two hours of lessons every timetable cycle and are taught in mixed ability groups. The art department deliver a range of projects which fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum, allowing students to experience a wide range of materials and techniques within different art and design areas. During each project, a relevant artist or group of artists who also use these themes or materials would be studied to extend and inspire students’ own work. Students are encouraged to participate in group discussions about their work and the work of others, to share thoughts, express opinions and be open to new ideas. All class work, work in sketchbooks and homework is assessed on completion and constructive written and verbal feedback is given to aid student progress.

Year 7 Projects:
  • Natural Forms
  • India
Year 8 Projects:
  • Masks
  • Creepy Crawlies
Year 9 Projects:
  • Architecture
  • Interesting Characters

GCSE Art and Design

Subjects available as GCSE options are: Fine Art and Three-Dimensional Design and Photography.


GCSE (9-1) Fine Art
GCSE (9-1) Three- Dimensional Design

GCSE (9-1) Photography

GCSE (9-1) Photography
Syllabus number 8202/8205/8206 8206
Website link
Assessment detail Component 1: Portfolio 60%
Component 2: Externally set assignment 40%
Coursework details All work completed in class or in extra-curricular time forms part of the portfolio submitted. For the externally set task, students are given 9-11 weeks preparation time and then complete the task under controlled conditions over two days in school. This takes place at the end of year 11. Students then mount an exhibition of their work ready for moderation.


As much of the work that students need to do involves the use of specialist resources and materials, many students access the art rooms at lunchtimes and after school in order to extend their portfolio work. All sessions are supervised; permission to attend is reserved for those who use lesson time to good effect.

Educational Visits

Each year the department organises a trip for year 10 students to visit either the Beyond Limits Exhibition at Chatsworth Gardens or Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The trip offers an exciting opportunity for students to explore large-scale sculpture and to take photographs of the natural environment. Photography students also undertake a trip to London to photograph city-scapes.

Student Artwork

Student artwork is prominently displayed throughout the school, in classrooms, offices and corridors and is always treated with the utmost respect, illustrating the value that is placed on the work of the department by students and staff alike.

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