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School Council Election

School Council ElectionAs the burden of responsibility for the direction the country would take over the next five years fell upon the parents of the students at Chapel High School, last Thursday 12th December, the burden of responsibility for ensuring the student body has a clear voice fell upon the students and staff.

The scene was set, the polling cards issued, the manifestos read and digested. All manifestos were anonymised so that voters were selecting purely on the basis of their electoral promises. The first voters arrived at Maths 6, our polling station, at 8am to vote in our new school council.

The voting booths, authentic down to the fat pencils and string, were busy throughout the day.

As voting closed at 3.15 p.m. the co-opted council representatives, Lucinda Lowes and Antony Armett, along with the house captains stayed to oversee the official count.

Mr Grieves and Mrs Davies met with all the candidates the following morning to announce the results before the successful candidates were revealed to the rest of the school. The exit poll conducted by Mr Brook did in fact, as with the general election, predict the result.

The tremendous success of the election process, and the interest in wider political issues the experience has provoked within our staff and students, has been wonderful to observe.

The successful candidates were:

• Bowden Seren Adlington EMEb Charlotte Patterson AWMb
• Combs - Abbigail Howe ISHc Harvey Dickson RBE
• Hollins - James Wareham SBLh Daniel Yates PHN
• Kinder – Freya Murphy MHHk Eve Jones MHHk
• Co-opted school council representatives are: Amelia Griffiths DSSh Lucinda Lowes AWTc Antony Armett KCEc

The newly formed council representatives met for the first time on Wednesday 18th December 2019, to begin the journey of creating an effective student body to affect change within our school. I was impressed as I watched this bunch of students discuss their ideas and begin to construct a plan to move forward. Watch this space…

Mrs Davies

Peak 11
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