COVID 19 School closure: latest information for parents of students in years 7-10

This page was updated on Monday 15th June 2020.

This information is for parents of students in years 7 to 10.

You may find it useful to read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Parents of year 6 students who are joining us in September will find separate information on our homepage.

Learning at Home for years 7 to 10

The government’s current position is that students in year 7 to 9 will not return to school until the autumn term. These students should continue to learn at home.

Government guidance now allows students in year 10 to visit school for workshops with teachers. Parents of year 10 students have received invitations for their child to join these workshops by e-mail. Year 10 will continue to learn at home in addition to the workshops.

Contact with tutors and with school

We are asking all of our form tutors to contact students in year 7 to 9 to check on their progress and learning. Tutors can also help to resolve any barriers to learning by arranging to have e-mail passwords reset or by providing advice to parents and students.

Parents or students can contact any member of school staff at any time by e-mail. All staff e-mail addresses are available on the school website here. Staff can only reply to students if the student e-mails from a school e-mail address.

Parents or students who have concerns or who need support have several points of contact in school:

For queries about work you can contact the individual teacher, or you can contact the relevant CLM (Head of department).

For welfare concerns or more general help and advice, contact the relevant pastoral leader. Pastoral leaders can help resolve problems and can signpost parents and students to additional support.

If you have general questions about the learning at home programme contact Ms A Griffiths:

All of our staff are working, either from home or in school. E-mail is the best way to contact them. However, if you wish you can telephone the school office during working hours and we can pass on a message.

The students who are having the best experience of learning at home, and some are doing brilliantly, are in regular contact with staff by e-mail. Please encourage and support your child to use e-mail to communicate with school. If your child cannot access their e-mail please see “Resetting your password” on our FAQs page.

Setting work for year 7 to 10 students.

All work is currently set on Go4Schools.

Year 10: Work for year 10 will be set in separate one-hour lessons. Year 10 will do two hours per week in each subject (except science where they will do 3 hours). We won’t be setting work for the extra-curricular GCSE Astronomy course. The course will resume when schools reopen.

Year 9: Work for year 9 will be set in maths, English and science and the option subjects a student has chosen. Work will be set in manageable ‘chunks’ to help students to structure their learning.

Years 7 and 8: Work will be set in all subjects and again will be set in manageable chunks.

The amount of work that students should be doing per week in each subject is set out below:

Year 7 and 8 Time per week Year 9 Time per week Year 10 Time per week
Maths 2 hrs Maths 2 hrs Maths 2 hrs
English 2 hrs English 2 hrs English 2 hrs
Science  2 hrs Science  2 hrs Science  3 hrs
ICT 1 hr Option 1 2 hrs Option 1 2 hrs
P&E (RE) 1 hr Option 2 2 hrs Option 2 2 hrs
PE 1 hr Option 3 2 hrs Option 3 2 hrs
DT 1 hr Option 4 2 hrs Option 4 2 hrs
Geography 1 hr
History 1 hr
Art 1 hr
Music 1 hr
Drama 1 hr
MFL 1 hr

I know that some parents and students are finding it very hard to keep up with work at home. Equally, some would welcome more work. We appreciate how difficult the current situation is for families. We also know that many families are sharing limited IT facilities. We are aiming to keep things as easy as possible for you, whilst keeping students in the habit of learning. In other words it is a compromise.

My suggestion would be that your child makes themselves a timetable for the week, based on the time allocations above. This would work out as around 3 hours work per day. They can then arrange work to fit into these sessions. I am sure that we all acknowledge that it is also important that students get some fresh air and that they exercise within the current social distancing guidelines. A day planned around these time allocations should leave adequate time for this too.

School work is important because it helps maintain a habit of learning, but please do not let school work add to your stress in an already difficult situation. Much more important than school work, is that you and your family stay happy and healthy.

Getting help with work

If you do not understand your work, or you need extra help, please contact your teacher by e-mail. All of our teachers are working at the moment and will welcome this contact.

Getting feedback on your work.

One of the challenges of this situation is that many schools nationally, including ours, don’t have simple ways to return work to teachers for marking and feedback.

We are asking our teachers to choose certain key pieces of work and to ask you to send them for marking and feedback. This fits with our school assessment policy which requires that identified pieces of work within each unit of work are marked by teachers.

If you are working on a computer, work can be e-mailed to your teacher. If you are working on paper you can photograph the work on a mobile phone and e-mail the photograph. You will obviously need access to your school e-mail account to do this.

As a school, along with other schools nationally, we are working to set up systems to allow work to be moved more easily backwards and forwards and to allow better feedback to be provided.

Making the most of time at home

Reading is one of the best things anyone can do to learn and to relax. Our school librarian and Literacy Coordinator have provided a range of ways that children can access books during the school closure:

Derbyshire libraries offer a variety of free eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines and eNewspapers to download onto kindle/phone/laptop/tablet and this can be accessed via the link below:

Audible are still offering their huge selection of children's audio books to stream for free while schools are closed.

The website below is also great if you're after ideas for hard copies of books and allows you to browse by age.

The Carnegie 2020 book award shortlist was announced before Easter and again this link will direct you to some high quality and age appropriate reads.

MyOn are offering a limited period of access to free online digital reading materials to support schools and studentsduring the closure. This is more appropriate for our learning support students, younger or reluctant readers.

Students who are registered on the Accelerated Reading programme should already know that they are able to continue to access this from home and quiz in the same way that they did at school. Students know their login and are very familiar with the system so there should be no issues with them using this from home by using this link:

Lastly, the English team have added new reading lists to Go4Schools for students who are interested in exploring the Black Lives Matter agenda. Please ensure you are happy with the content of any books that your child selects as the final list here is aimed at young adults (16+).

Book list for ages 9-12
Book list for ages 13-16
Book list for ages 16+

Thanks for reading, please email or with any queries.

Happy reading!

Gemma Dobson (School Librarian) and Carolyn Clarke (English Teacher and Literacy Coordinator)

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